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Alastair Doull

Alastair Doull, Owner, Registered Nurse, MBA

It seems like only a heartbeat ago, that I was working in Macedon as Health Care Executive, wondering what else I could do, to help people improve their health and wellbeing, and help them tackle some of the challenges they were facing.

At around that time a friend of mine from school, messaged me to say he had just posted some footage of us rowing in 1987. This innocent message triggered an avalanche of thoughts and reflections of journey I embarked upon a couple of years earlier.

Let me take you back a little further. I was working as a Health Executive in the Western Districts and at the time we were encouraging all staff to do a simple health check.

I did mine, but the news was far from ideal. The health checks proved that I was overweight – I had always told myself that I may have put on a few pounds, but it was nothing to worry about. My cholesterol levels, were dangerously high, my blood pressure was extremely high and my girth measurement placed me in the at most risk category of heart disease and early death. The only good news was that my blood sugar levels, were high but within normal limits.

How many times have we said, I am too busy to find time for myself?

These results scared me, as I have a young family. I always thought myself to be fit and reasonably healthy. However, the results showed me that if I did not make some serious changes, I was not going to make old bones and be there for my family.

I developed a plan to improve my health and promised to stop saying ‘do as I say, and not as I do’. I started walking daily, and slowly increased my running and cycling. 10 years later I still have no regrets.

To manage my blood pressure, I booked myself in for a weekly massage, this also helped with any muscle soreness and/or injuries. I also changed my diet with simple things like no added salt, low fat cooking and so-on.

As my weight dropped, I felt better, and I started entering in various events. Like the Around the Bay Bike Ride, and when I did it for the first time, I cried at Queenscliff which is about half way, because I knew I had come a long way, in turning my health around.

With some friends I have done the Oxfam 100 Run four times, and this long weekend in March I will do my ninth Three Peaks Bike Ride.

How many times have we said, I am too busy to find time for myself? I found by making time, I was able to achieve things and in my late forties, I ran my first marathon. I had always been a keen runner, and when I was at High School, I had won the Annual Lap of Lake Wendouree for 4 years in a row. It took a while, but I got back to what I felt was my brilliant best. The winner of the marathon may have finished hours ahead of me, but on the day, I felt at my best.

Having regular treatments, like massages and facials made me find the time, and I considered that time to be mine. So that I would switch off from my busy and stressful life, and after a while I would fall asleep during each massage – and I still do that today. After each event I book myself in for a facial as a reward.

I have lost over 20kg, and I have maintained a healthy weight of between 85-90kg, as well my cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar levels are all within normal limits. Most importantly, my girth measurement is now in the lowest risk group.

From time to time we all lose a little bit of momentum in our lives, whether its related to our physical wellbeing, or an event which has caused an emotional response or simply the rigours of trying maintain a healthy work/life/balance.  And from time to time, even the best of us, all need a little bit of assistance to get that momentum back in our lives.



Tylisha has been a Beauty Therapist since 2007, she has been with us since 2018 and is the Manager at Momentum Caroline Springs. Tylisha is also qualified as a Dermalogica Expert, and has completed her Certificates in Laser IPL, Radio Frequency, Ultrasound Fat Cavitation, Hydro dermabrasion, and LED light therapy.

Tylisha thrives on providing a high level of professionalism to all clients. Tylisha brings a certain positivity to the team and always ensures all staff members work as a team. Outside of work Tylisha enjoys Reformer Pilates, lunch dates, and spending quality family time with her husband and 3 beautiful children.



Ashley joined us in 2020, and her completed her Diploma in 2019 at Elly Lucas and is currently studying her Associate Degree (Dermal Therapy) at the Australian Dermal Science Institute. Ashley is enthusiastic, reliable and hard working. And in her own words ‘ I work extremely well on my own, however I thoroughly enjoy working as part of a team.’

Outside of work Ashley likes spending time with her family, friends and her boyfriend, and keeping fit by attending regular boxing classes.

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